Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Season, Fifty Items

Here in New England, autumn usually lasts from mid-September until Thanksgiving. Give or take, that's about 80 days. And since it is New England, that's 80 days of not knowing if the weather is going to be warm, breezy, humid, chilly, rainy or downright cold. I've seen snow in early October and 70° F at the beginning of November. In other words: autumn is 80 days that challenge my wardrobe!

Using Polyvore, I put together a collection of 50 sample items to mix and match my way through the season. Our activities this fall will include apple picking, park days with the kids, trips to the library and dentist, Thanksgiving dinner and other family dinners, potlucks, leaf peeping, lots of errands and plenty of days at home, so I'll put together outfits with those in mind. If I'm lucky, autumn will also include a Mom's Night Out and a date with my husband.

I don't have these exact items of clothing in my closet, but in most cases, the ones I chose are similar to what I normally wear. I've chosen items from a variety of price points, because that is a good match to what I own. I like quality jackets, shoes, purses and jewelry, but don't invest a lot in my every day clothing. It's often stained or torn during the course of a season between cooking and the kids, so I don't want to spend a lot.

In the coming weeks, I'll put together some outfits to show how easy it is to create a variety of interesting looks with a limited closet.

Shoes & Bags

Shoes & Bags by mixandmatchmom featuring deck shoes

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